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Edinburgh Music shop Musical Instruments

Edinburgh used Music shop Backtracks offers a wide selection of low cost quality music shop instruments – Ideal for beginners birthday Christmas gifts, musicians or buskers looking for pre owned Musical Instruments.

Guitars For Sale:

Acoustic Guitar Fender Squire Gibson Electric

  • Accoustic Guitars  #Full size   #3/4size   #Classical
  • Electric Guitars by #Fender  #Squire  #Stagg   #Yamaha etc
  • Guitar Amps #Bass Amps #Combi Amps  #Busking Amps from £19.99
  • Fender hard Guitar case  #Guitar Bags
  • Plectrums #Chord & music books  #Guitar Tuners and #strings

A great opportunity to buy quality guaranteed Acoustic guitars in Pink, Spanish Guitar or electric guitars at low cost today.

Studio Monitor Equipment and PA Speakers:

  • Mackie Big Knob Studio Command Centre,
  • Tascam Portastudio,
  • 200watt Active speakers,
  • H&H150 watt PA speakers £45,

Amplifier Power Amps:

  • WEM Soundman 5 channel 100 mixer Amp + reverb 150w
  • Practice Amps- Fender combo Amplifiers,
  • Harley Richmond BASS Amp/Speaker,
  • Amplifier Speaker combos ideal for bedroom Battery option
  • Busking Amp - small PA from £29.99 band options- pubs/ halls

Keyboards For Sale

  • M-Audio Keystation 49E 49 Key USB MIDI Controller Fully boxed with instructions.
  • Keyboard Alesis Q25 is a 25-note, velocity-sensitive, MIDI keyboard controller with USB and traditional MIDI ports,
  • Casio LK45 61-Key Lighted Keyboard - Great speakers and great for learning or practice with many extra features.
  • Yamaha PSR-3 Portasound 49 key Keyboard in hard case. Brilliant small portable Keyboard.

Drums - Percussion Instruments

  • Hohner Snare Drum
  • Premier response DRUM CL 12.5in (32cm) DRUM CL 13.5in (34cm), DRUM CL 14.5in (37cm),
  • Red Bass Drum 16.5in (42cm)
  • Drum Sticks fr £3   #Bohran - #Shakers
Band Disco Equipment Accessories:
  • Microphones   #AKG 190E, #Karaoke #Radio Microphones, etc
  • Music stands fr £9.99,  #Guitar stand, #Guitar Foot rest,
  • Instrument Cases/bags fr £9, Guitar Tuner fr £7, Straps fr £4,
  • Speaker Stands various sizes,
  • Speaker leads,  Power Supplies, Power cables, Midi cables, XLN leads, adaptors, Extensions, plugs, usb sound mixer, DC 3v-6v-9v-12v power,

Wind Instruments:

  • Vintage Cavalry Trumpet - Great collectors 1 valve brass instrument Reduced to sell
  • School Recorder by Yamaha etc £14.99
  • Hohner mouth organs etc, Harmonicas from £5
  • Clarinet 3 piece in padded case £79

Chidrens Instruments and Toys: Small Guitars, Keyboard, Drum

Backtracks Music shop is closest music shop to Kings Theatre Tollcross and handy for Usher Hall, Royal Lyceum and Lothian Road.

All our equipment is tested before sale to customers satisfaction to ensure quality contol.