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Cameras and video equipment For Sale

Cameras, Lenses, Accessories

Backtracks Edinburgh Camera sale offers a wide selection of second hand equipment Digital Cameras charger or mini usb cables. Movie camcorders, vintage/manual 35mm SLR see photo + accessories. Most stock NOT Listed .

Call Tommy on 0131-228-4898 or 07889-3636-86 to check what Backtracks has available. Huge reductions on digital cameras cases, point and shoot from £2.99 to Pentax zoom 105-R

  • Digital Cameras
  • Blue Fujifilm 8.2mp big screen as new available
  • Panasonic 8.1 mp
  • Sony Battery charger -for various cameras & batteries fr 7.99
  • Sony cyber shot 7.2mp,
  • Nikon battery chargers - call for options
  • Canon Digital Camera Photo Printer £20 OFF -FULLY BOXED
  • Polaroid Zinc Paper Film
  • camera tripods #hot shoe options #Camera mounts fr £6.99
  • Hi8 Sony video camera and case
  • Nikon F60 SLR camera,
  • Excellent Vintage Polaroid Swinger 11 Land camera
  • camera cases,  #Camera Bags  #Pouches fr £2.99+
  •  Canon EOS 1000f SLR body
  • Vintage 1950s Camera 127 film
  • Olympus OM-1 manual SLR Camera
  • Point and shoot 35mm compact cameras Various ie  Nikon, Fuji

Video Equipment, Camcorders, Players

  • Video Recorders
  • video Players
  • Camcorders various models and types ie 8mm
  • Blank Hi 8 Tapes £-
  • Blank Video Tapes £.

Buy second hand cameras cheap at Backtracks shop Tollcross excellent value collectable quality gifts for photo bargains. Digital cameras from under £5. close to centre Edinburgh

Camera Tripods and camera mounts